Greatest Good for the Greatest Number
Networks of prepared individuals and local agencies that collaborate effectively reduce dependence on municipal services and mitigate the damage caused by large scale events.

After a disaster, people want to help.  Bridges of Love's Community Emergency Response Team training, assures a SAFE neighbours helping neighbours response. 

CERT is a grass-roots strategy that is both practical and realistic; strengthening community safety and preparedness, through increased civic participation.  If the disaster is wide spread, only preparedness and training of the local community will provide security, until first responders arrive.

Bridges of Love promotes community resilience; connecting people, churches, and various networks through coordination, resources, and training. 

Quote: Dr. Allan Bonner, MA, MSc, DBA, LLM, MScPI ( Cand.) CommunIcations Management Inc.
"Community-based responders are our first response mechanism--like it or not. Some 'official' responders in fact don't like this, preferring to keep their approaches to themselves. But the lay person who dials 9-1-1, the distraught mother who knows the whereabouts of a missing child, the retired building engineer who knows where the pipes are located, all have irreplaceable information for the trained responder. Our task is not to maintain silos in which both sides go about their tasks with imperfect knowledge, but rather to create links between the silos through training, empathy and simulations. In a pandemic, weather event or terroristic attack, 30% of official responders may be dead, dying or looking after their own loved ones. We must harness the best of lay response, or be guilty of neglect and malpractice."